What does Labyrinth stand for?

A place for everyone, made to dance away your night to the best tunes. Our music? Techno in all its shapes and colors. Sometimes straightforward, dark techno by the underground's finest dj's, sometimes we like to go retro, dreamy melodic or disco, but then sometimes we just like to invite some of the new local talents. One thing is certain; We bring a mix of the finest electronic music. Forget about your worries and fears and focus on nothing else but dancing your night away. Labyrinth Club is a place for open-minded people that believe there's no need for labeling. Be yourself, and be kind.

You'll see our name pass by at multiple locations; we have our own Labyrinth Club at Hasselt, next to the many parties we host in Belgiums finest clubs. Or maybe you're visiting Groove Garden, Extrema Outdoor or WeCanDance,... where you'll be able to dance to one of the many stage hosts we'll be doing.

Put on your dancing shoes (and your seatbelts). Cause this will be a blast!